Yamaha DGX 650 and DGX 670 Sometimes Sound Out of Tune

by Ed Springer
(Hammond, LA, USA)

I've had my Yamaha DGX 650 for approximately 5 years. I've had my DGX 670 for about a month. A common problem of both is sometimes when I start the instruments, they sound out of tune.

I'm told that an electronic piano cannot be out of tune. I can assure you something is going on to "give the effect" of it being untuned. I've had decades of musical training. I can quickly distinguish tuned and untuned instruments and voices.

When I restart the pianos, sometimes they sound normal. If they don’t, I continue to restart ultimate they do.

I'm about ready to return the DGX 670 to the dealer. They have a 45-day return policy. BUT I DON'T WANT TO DO SO.

Any suggestions?

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