Yamaha DGX 505 selecting continuous play

We purchased this unit a couple of years ago. I have not spent much time in figuring out what it can all do. I would like to set it up to play music by itself. It has the song selection, but when you select a song it will only play one and then stops. Is there a way to download songs, or select this unit to continuous play. I have asked these questions at the music store and they said you can do this, but they did not know how.

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Apr 03, 2023
BGM Mode to play songs continuously NEW
by: Spring

On my Yamaha PSR-E373, long-press the Demo button to enter BGM mode, then press + or enter 2 to select Presets (demo songs), press Demo button again to start playing. Do not press the Start/Stop Button to start. This will only play one song.

Dec 27, 2016
Yamaha DGX 505 Continuous play
by: Anonymous

I am trying to find out how it is done also. I remember by coincidence I touch something (unwittingly) and after I press play it played one song after the other, through the entire list. So I know it can be done, but how?

Jan 13, 2009
OK, I got it!!!
by: JackG

Hopefully all Yamahas are similar: on the DGX200 I have, press the DEMO key. It automatically starts with one and only song in the Demo category and will loop on that Demo endlessly, unless, while it is playing, you key in the first number of one of the categories with multiple songs. I think I did 081, which has lessons.

I presume it will loop in that category forever (didn't have the patience to try it yet). There may be a way to play all categories, but I didn't find it yet and sort of doubt that anyway...

Sorry you missed using it for Christmas.

Jan 12, 2009
Looking also
by: JackG

I have a DGX 200 that did play continuously at one point, but I think my then 2 year old pressed the right button or combination. I'm still trying to get it to happen again

Dec 27, 2008
Continuous Play
by: Milemurph

I, too, am looking for the answer on how to make the Yamaha 635 play continuous...as I purchased alot of christmas music and would love to hear more than one song at a time...any answers on how to do this???

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