Yamaha CVP-210 - Can't open case

by Russell

It seems the right amplifier had a problem. No sound from right speaker or right headphone. I want to take a look and see if I can fix this myself, but I can't get the case apart! I have undone all the screws I can see, but it won't come apart. It there a trick to this that I have missed?


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Nov 06, 2009
Opening the CVP 210
by: Alfred

Dear Russell: Your follow-up post makes keeping up with the Forum's posts truly interesting and I am personally indebted to you as one of my hobbies is electronics. I have been trying to encourage other members to follow-up on their questions just as you have. We will all learn something new if they follow your example. As to your problem, was the unit dropped or did it suffer some unintended rough treatment before the problem arose? Make a continuity check from the Piano "send" all the way through to the Left speaker. Sometimes there could be an invisible break in the printed trace (copper overlay)of the board caused by an external shock. This of course could be easily bridge-soldered by a piece of copper wire.
Be careful to avoid extraneous transfer of static electricity as you navigate the circuit, and be mindful of the advice re having a qualified technician do the job if you recognize where your limitations end. I wish you good luck.

Nov 03, 2009
Problem progression - not amplifier
by: Russell

OK - thanks for the help. Figured it out. There are two hidden screws set at about 45 degrees at either end of the top. They are recessed and accessed from the front, between the roll-top front and the top itself.

Now good news/bda news. I have the top off and started to fault find. Good news: It is not the amplifier as I originally thought. Both left and right amp seem to work fine. I verified this by getting an external input (iPOD) and plugging into the AUX input. Both channels work fine.

So it seems the output from the piano itself is only working through the left speaker. I tried re-seating all the connectors I could find, but it made no difference.

Has anyone got any ideas on where to look? I don't suppose anyone has a schematic for a CVP-210?

Russell :-(

Nov 01, 2009
Opening the CVP 210
by: Alfred

Dear Russell: I suggest you read comments made by Dick rector, Mantius and myself on main page of "Q & A" to the left of this message before you proceed any further.

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