Yamaha CVP-109 no sound all of a sudden while playing

by Sarah
(Madison, WI, USA)

Any thoughts?

As I was playing, sound cut out. Complete silence... no hum, buzzing, nothing. Nothing from headphones. Power is fine, display is fine, voices and other function buttons light up, etc.
I tried a simple factory reset.... high C while turning on.... is there another way? A more in depth reset?
I made sure local control is ON
I checked MIDI and that works.
Is there some one here who has more knowledge who can deduce my problem from the info provided???
Remember, this happened AS I was playing. Is that a clue?
Does anyone in the US know approx. how much a technician charges to simply assess?
If my Clav is done for, does anyone have suggestion regarding selling the parts? It is immaculate inside.
Thank you!

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