Yamaha CVP107 blue screen

by Brent
(Kansas City)

I have a CVP 107 which I bought new. Recently during mid song the piano would turn off and back on like a reboot. Did this a number of times then it went to a blue screen and I could smell burning electrical. I have not powered it up since. I cant find a power supply part number so I assumne it doesnt have one. I did find a power relay which appears to be on the DM motherboard. I can get one from SYNTAUR but was was wondering if anyone else has experienced this before I start throwing money at it.

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Dec 14, 2022
Yamaha CVP107 blue screen NEW
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your Yamaha CVP 107 keyboard may have experienced a power surge or malfunction, which caused the burning electrical smell and the blue screen.

Based on your description, it does not appear that the power supply is the cause of the issue as the keyboard does not have a separate power supply unit. However, the power relay on the DM motherboard could potentially be the culprit.

It is recommended to contact Yamaha or a certified Yamaha service center for assistance with diagnosing and repairing the issue with your keyboard. Replacing the power relay on the DM motherboard may be one potential solution, but a trained professional will be able to properly diagnose the issue and provide the appropriate repair.

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