Yamaha CVP 307 Faulty display screen

by Trevor Best
(Bangor, Northern Ireland)

We bought a Clavinova CVP307 second hand recently. Unfortunately there was an issue with the display screen, which apparently is quite common.Although the screen displays it is practically impossible to read. Chasing down the spare part online told me very quickly the replacement part was very expensive (too much to be viable) I discovered the video port out underneath and connected up to an input on the back of an LCD TV, changed the input source on TV setup and voila, a perfect picture so that we could read what was going on. The cost of our repair/ work around ' £0 and a bigger etter screen to read as opposed to spending £500+ on a replacement screen. I hope this is useful to anyone has this problem. I imagine it will work on any keyboard that had the video out - karaoke facilty.

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