Yamaha CVP 203 Sticking Keys

by Cliff

I have 3 sticking keys, and after watching youtube showing a relatively easy replacement I purchased 3 new yamaha cvp replacement keys, I gained access to the keyboard as indicated, and also used a thin metal strip to release the back of the keys. All ok and straight forward. But the front edge of the keys,

(all 3) seems to be caught and held down, so the keys do not just slide slightly and lift out???
I have tried every which way to lift the keys individually sliding the limited amount they allow, and trying to release the connection that fits in the aperture on the (leg) with the rubber stop, but i cannot get the key to release from whatever is connected to the old key at the underside of the key ( finger pad end).
I hope someone has experience with this issue as it appears an easy fix but mine seems to have this complication?
Any ideas or experience of this issue and how to release the sticking keys would be gratefully received as I am concerned that the components are fairly delicate and I don’t want to force the keys in fear of damaging the mechanism!
Thanks in advance,

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