Yamaha CLP645 - a little dissapointed

by Sharon
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

I have just had to send my Clavinova CLP645 in to have the contact rubbers replaced in the middle section of the keyboard. Bought it new so only a year and a half old! Characterized by certain keys sounding intermittently much louder that others when pressed.

I am a beginner and practice about on average 6hours a week. I assumed this model piano would be made to take this kind of play, at least for longer than it has.

Annoyingly the warrantee is only a year here, which is quite shocking for such an expensive instrument. My fridge has a longer warrantee. And the comment of the technician was "well the player must hammer the keyboard". If anything I play more gently than I should.

Just wondered if I got a dud or anyone else has had similar issues with their Clavinova. I am wondering if I am going to have to spend this amount to replace the rubbers every couple years going forward

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