Yamaha CLP 265 appears to be off 440 pitch

by Marie Roy
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)


We just purchased this Clavinova digital grand piano privately. I tested every key, played a couple of song intros, the pedals all work, the headphone jack worked and the finish was in good shape for a 9 year old instrument. Got it home and played around with it a bit until I decided to play accompimiament chords to a violin CD, I realized the pitch was off. Not by a +1 or -1 on the transpose option but by about a fraction of one tone. I assumed my CD player was not turning at a proper revolution so I tried four different CDs. I also tried it against my Clavinova CVP409 and the CDs were all on perfect pitch. So, this piano is diffinatey untuned! I had no idea an electronic piano/keyboard could untune itself !!
Is there a reset? Is there a tuning screw inside the sound board?

Any help would be appreciated.

Marie in Edmonton

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