Yamaha CLP 260 keyboard sensitivity

I am currently in a clinic with access to a Yamaha CLP-260. Its keyboard sensitivity seems, however, to be set to maximum pressure. I can hardly get a sound out of it without absolutely hammering on the keys:- trills are immpossible. At home I have a real 125 cm Grotrian-Steinnweg, and a Roland E-piano. I can adjust the feel of the Roland keyboard (via menu system) to pretty exactly match the Grotrian. There must be some way of doing this with the Clavinova, but how do I do this?

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May 30, 2014
"Touch" Setting
by: Sawyer Eli

I'm not sure if your model (the 260) has this setting, but my CLP 240 does. OVer on the right hand side you will see a panel (above the keys) that has 4 columns of LED lights. One of them is labeled "Touch". Now, I'm not sure if it's really loud, or not loud at all, but okay. If you have to press the keys really hard to get a sound to come out, press the button at the bottom (above "Touch") until the LED light comes on in the "Soft" spot. This will make it higher sensitivity. If you press it really softly and it's loud, just turn it to "Hard".

Another thing you could do:
If none of the lights are on, well, just click the button. If you can't do that (which I have no idea why you couldn't, but, you know), hold down the "Touch" button. On the LCD display screen you should see a number (ranging from 1 to 127). Use the up/down buttons to the right of the screen to lower/heighten the number. Making it higher will make it more sensitive, while lowering it will make it less sensitive.

Good luck-I hope this helps!

-Sawyer Eli

Jan 13, 2011
Try the 'Other settings' menu
by: Paolo


I don't know whether my answer is relevant any more, but I'll try all the same.

On Clavinovas you can usually choose three different 'Touch response' settings ('Light', 'Medium', 'Heavy') from the 'Other setting' menu (the bottom right one on a CLP-970).

They do make a difference to the sensitity, but may be not enough to explain your need for pounding on the keyboard.

Hope this helps!

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