Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos

Let's take a look at Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos.

Clavinova digital pianos are used by keyboard players and pianists all over the world. Piano purists have found them to be truly great substitutes for more expensive acoustic pianos. For such musicians, it is very important to get the real feel and touch of an acoustic piano. Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos are the solution to their problems.

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Clavinovas come with a feature known as "graded hammer technology". There's a mechanical system of small metal hammers with a weight that is similar to that of an acoustic piano. These hammers hit a digital pressure sensor that then translates into sound. Thanks to the keyboard's 'graded action', the varying weights on an acoustic piano are reproduced on the Yamaha Clavinova, where the hammers get lighter as you move up the keyboard. The fact that Clavinovas come with this important technology, resulting in a cheaper instrument, make them great substitutes for acoustic pianos.

Yamaha Clavinova

In terms of styling, the Yamaha Clavinova is similar to an acoustic piano. But it has many features that are common to other digital pianos. These include the ability to save and load songs, the presence of hundreds of voices, and computer connectivity.

Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos fall into two main categories. These categories are the CLP series and the CVP series.

If you're looking for a clavinova that is aimed more towards persons looking for a digital alternative to an acoustic piano, try the CLP. The CLP range focuses on correctly reproducing the touch and sound of an acoustic piano. The limitation however is that it comes with very few additional voices. If you're looking for a great variety of voices as well as built-in rhythms and accompaniments, the CVP range is the better choice. You can play and record complete performances using the CVP series' built in sequencing software.

CVP Clavinova models now come with hundreds of voices. In addition to many piano and organ types, they usually come with brass and woodwind instruments, string, percussion, modern and vintage synthesizer sounds, sampled effects and a lot more. Recent CVP models also come with hundreds of accompaniment styles including classical orchestration, traditional dance, rock, club, pop, big band jazz, and so much more.

One feature that must be mentioned is their Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generation. With this feature, multi samples are taken from a real piano to generate every note. Thus you get all the power and rich textures of the original sound.

Yamaha Clavinova

So many models?

The CLP series includes the CLP-295GP, CLP-265GP, CLP-220PE, CLP-230PE, CLP-240PE, CLP-220M, CLP-220C, CLP-220, CLP-F01PR, CLP-F01PO, CLP-F01PE, CLP-F01PB, CLP-280PM, CLP-280PE, CLP-280M, CLP-280C, CLP-280, CLP-270M, CLP-270C, CLP-270, CLP-240M, CLP-240C, CLP-240, CLP-230M, CLP-230C, CLP-230, CLP-175, CLP-170PE, CLP-170M, CLP-170C, CLP-170, CLP-150M, CLP-150C, CLP-150, CLP-130, CLP-120, CLP-115, CLP-110, CLP-910, CLP-970M, CLP-970C, CLP-970AM, CLP-970AC, CLP-970A, CLP-970, CLP-955, CLP-950M, CLP-950C, CLP-950, CLP-930, CLP-920, and CLP-880PE.

The  CVP series includes the CVP-409PM, CVP-409PE, CVP-407, CVP-405PM, CVP-405PE, CVP-405,CVP-403PE, CVP-403, CVP-401PE, CVP-401, CVP-309PM, CVP-309PE, CVP-309GP, CVP-307M, CVP-307C, CVP-307, CVP-305M, CVP-305C, CVP-305, CVP-303M, CVP-303C, CVP-303, CVP-301C, CVP-301, CVP-210, CVP-208M, CVP-208, CVP-206M, CVP-206C, CVP-206, CVP-204C, CVP-204, CVP-202, CVP-900, CVP-209, CVP-207, CVP-205M, CVP-205, CVP-203, CVP-201, and CVP-700.

They come in many different styles and include finishes such as rosewood, mahogany, ebony and polished mahogany.

If you're looking for a great acoustic piano substitute for your home, studio, or performance space, the Yamaha Clavinova is certainly an option. With the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, Advanced Wave Memory, and a Graded Hammer keyboard, you just can't go wrong. And if you're seeking more options when it comes to composing and performing, the features of the CVP will leave you absolutely delighted.

So how do you know what to choose? It's simply a matter of comparing different instruments and choosing one that is within your budget and meets your requirements. Take time to read user reviews so you know how others perceive the instrument you're thinking of getting. 

Yamaha Digital Pianos

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