Yamaha Clavinova CVP 900 Review

by Dale
(Sacramento, United States)

Yamaha Clavinova CVP900

Yamaha Clavinova CVP900

What I like about the Yamaha Clavinova CVP 900

I like everything about it. It is used by me to write as well as play music, After I lay down the piano tracks I go back and over lay the guitar or sax or any number of other instruments, This piano has opened new doors of creativity for me. My main instrument is the guitar has been for years, I have an acoustic piano, Korg and others, With the Clavinova I can sit at one instrument and produce near complete works with out the distractions or the trouble of having to stop and switch to a different instrument. When I am in the groove and the creative juices are just pouring from me. I don't want to have to stop to set up or change what I am doing.

What I dislike about the Yamaha Clavinova CVP 900

I have the digital baby grand Clavinova and though I have taken it one time to use in a live performance it is not practical for me to be able to take it with me every time. I am not yet fortunate enough to afford a stage crew and semi truck/trailer to move it around with.

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Jun 19, 2018
Yamaha not supporting their older pianos
by: Anonymous

I currently own an CVP 309 Baby Grand shape. My 309 works perfectly so far. I sold my 209 to a gal pal and encouraged another gal pal to purchase another 209 from a piano buddy who upgraded. The registration memory in BOTH of the 209's have stopped the ability to save the Registration Memory when shut off and back on. All 1 to 8 GREEN R M buttons do not come back on after shutting down after programing. I feel responsible for these gals purchasing these 2 - 209's so I have been all through the FUNCTION SYSTEM of the 209's looking for the reset. System Reset does not bring back the Registration Memory, once the piano is turned off. Also the "one touch" settings no longer relay the "voices" to the main screen. One has to redo the Registration Memory each time you start playing. Yamaha says they no longer carry the parts for this concern. That is an "interesting answer." The manual and the instructions in Function do not solve the problem. These were $10,000 - 209's and at that level, I believe Yamaha should still have a fix for the concern. I believe I am going through the Function Reset properly. Can anyone help?

Dec 04, 2016
very good instrument but...
by: boris

i enjoy clavinova 900 since 2002 ,but few yes ago rubber contucts started to fail so badly that i cannot play anymore.i tried to get replacement parts but i was tald that they not available anymore because instrument is over 7 years old.so now i stuck with beautiful piece of junk.i cannot sell it,cannot trade it,cannot iven repair it.it is very ,very frastraiting that yamaha cannot support their product.if somebody knows where toget spare parts for this particular model please leave comment.thank you.

Nov 22, 2007
Good Review =]
by: Sebastian M

I admire your honesty about portability. That sure is a problem when you have a massive instrument to transport. I also like your enjoyment of having one good instrument, but taking an interest in many other fun, enjoyable instruments. Keep up with music! =]

Oct 22, 2007
Thanks for your review.
by: Mantius


Very interesting review. Thanks for your contribution. Happy to hear that the Clavinova CVP 900 meets your needs. Of course, portability will always be an issue unless you have the means to carry your baby grand around. ;) Good luck and continue enjoying and making music with your Clavinova!

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