Yamaha Clavinova CLP-250 Amplifier Board

The sound on my Yamaha Clavinonva CLP-250 cuts in/out pretty randomly.

It goes from no volume, then a loud transient spike, then sometimes works normally
for awhile before it cuts out again.

By pressing down on the various electronic components, I've traced the issue to the
amplifier board (PU 2066 XE766). It doesn't appear to be a ground issue - the amplifier
heat sink, which seems to be where much of the circuit is grounded, is well connected
to the metal foil (?) plane where everything grounds (amplifier board, speakers, transformer, etc).

However, when the sound cuts off, I can make it return by pressing down on the amplifier board.
Basically, I'm slightly deforming the board, suggesting a bad solder (though I can see nothing

Yamaha does not appear to have any parts or info for this model, hence I am close to throwing it out (which I hate to do since the keyboard is so nice).

Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion I could try to fix this issue and salvage the piano.


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Oct 04, 2022
How to open the CPL 250 NEW
by: Noob

Good afternoon, mu CPL 250 produces weird sounds, and I suspect a faulty connection or dust causing it. I would like to open it to inspect it and clean it up, but before removing all screws, I would like to know if there is q quick way to do it. The tutorials on the internet never refer to the 250 but to other models that seem much easier to handle!


Feb 02, 2022
Same problem
by: hjd_54 at hotmail.com

H Anonymous,
Did you resolve your issue or did you find a different solution to what you thought was the problem ?

Nov 05, 2019
I'm not dead yet!
by: Anonymous

I *almost* gave the Clavinova away today but changed my mind at the last minute. As the guy was on his way (very sorry Ken!) I got the Clavinova working and compared it to a brand new Yamaha P45B my wife just bought on sale at Costco. Unbelievably, the sound from the Clavinova was much better. How is that possible ? They both have weighted action keyboards. The new model has electronics that are 20 years newer. How can it have inferior sound ?! The new Yamaha has the full 88 keys, but the last several keys were barely audible, especially compared to the Clavinova.

Anyhow, the Yamaha is going back but I still have the issue of the Clavinova cutting in/out.

I believe it's either a cold solder connection on the amp board or else it is somehow not grounded properly (we bought it used and there are a few screws missing). Wish there was a way to just swap out the board. I guess I could just go over the amp board and try to "re-flow" the solder.

Nov 05, 2019
Loose wire CLP 250 soundboard
by: PianoStylist@aol.com

Don’t throw it out! Do you have a Sam Ash music store nearby or another music retailer who does repairs. You already know what the issue is so just ask them to sarter it again.

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