Why won't my sustain pedal work how it's supposed to?

by JR
(queens NY)

i purchased a motif xf8 and connected my sustain pedal.

When i play a note it holds it and when i press the pedal it releases the sustain.

What am i doing wrong. How do i set up my keyboard so that I can step on the pedal and have it sustain just as it should work..

Let me know.


Hernan Jaramillo Jr.
(347) 891-2123

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Nov 25, 2014
Sustain pedal problem.
by: Andrei

Hy. I own a motif xf7 and i have the same problem : when i press the sustain pedal the sustain stops. i tried what you wrote but doesn-t work for me. I have a mgear pedal with polarity switch at the bottom.

Apr 30, 2012
thank you Jesus...
by: Tim in Dallas

I appreciate the info concerning the proper way to install the sustain pedal. I was a little skeptical at first, but it worked to perfection. Thank you soooooo much:)

Sep 24, 2011
Polarity switch..
by: Yamhun

Thank You so much!

The polarity switch was the problem.

I have a Bespeco VM-170, there's an "invisible" switch on the left side that I was never seen... until now.

Anyway, thanks again!

May 11, 2011
Thank the Lord
by: DeShaun Sequence II

Yo man I have been trying to figure that out for months . i never realy had the time to give it much thought but i just googled it and "voila" ! THANK YOU S MUCH, IN MY APPRECIATION I HAVE MADE MY SONGS FREE A WWW

Mar 24, 2011
Polarity Switch
by: j harold

Hi, I have had this problem in the past and a simple thing to check is, depending on what Brand pedal you use, look on the bottom of the pedal, some has a polarity switch on the bottom.

Dec 29, 2010
by: Dick Rector

Hi Hernan,

The polarity is reversed. I take it you have the correct sustain-pedal for this model keyboard!
Keyboard OFF. Take the sustain plug out. Reset the keyboard (Press highest white key while turn the keyboard on)
Turn it off again!!!! and plug the sustainpedal in.
Than switch the keyboard power on.
That should do it.
If not, you have to look under FUNCTION - SUSTAIN - POLARITY and see if the setting is correct.


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