Which is better; Yamaha MM6 or Roland Juno-D?

by Israel

Which (opinion) has better sounds?

Which has more sounds?

Which has more polyphony?

Which has more memory to save songs or voices?

Which is easier to use for a entry level person?

Which is better overall and why?

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Mar 03, 2010
i had the same question
by: デーン

X50, Yamaha MM6, Roland Juno Di.

The X50 is the oldest of the 3.

I think the fight is definitly between the MM6 and Roland.

where MM6 beats Roland:
1. is 100 dollars less,
2. comes with Cubase software,

where Roland beats MM6:
1. has mic input, battery power,
2. 1000 sounds VS Yamaha's 500,
3. has song player and aux audio input
4. 128 note polyphony VS yamaha's 32.

Sep 26, 2008
by: Anonymous

I think the mm6 is a better keyboard because this keyboard have beautefull sound and for the looping you can buy a Boss RC-2 Loop Station Effect Pedal this is more fore guitars but it work good for keyboards.

Jun 04, 2008
Can We Throw The Korg X-50 inThere?
by: JustStartedPlayin!

I think I would like to have all 3 for about 3 weeks and then decide. But I tend to think the MM6 may more performance musical with the styles, arpeggiators and the strong acoustic-like sounds. But the Youtube videos I've seen of the others make you think you would do fine with them too!

Mar 04, 2008
confised ...
by: Mobin Khan

dont know what to say, people says juno has a good pro kinda sampler/sequencer with looping ficility but mm6 does'nt. mm6 has nice guitars and strings, a better look. but juno has nice drums and 808 kits etc. mm6 has a high tech futurestic look, juno does'nt. so its kida confusing. mm6 has a usb, jonu does'nt. if you have mnoney and love to collect or make ur studio like a pie filled with yummy apples, i would suggest to buy both. look arround on internet like ebay, kijiji or craigslist, you can buy both of them under 1000 to 1200 dollars. so what do you say ? think about it.

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