Where is Middle C?

by Jim
(Hope Mills, NC)

I'm a novice with respect to pianos, keyboards, etc. I want to learn, but have this question about my recently purchased 61-key EZ-200: Where is middle c?

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Feb 16, 2016
There is no real standard
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately there is NOT one and only real standard name for the central C on the keyboard. C3 or C4 or other?
Yamaha says it is C3, Roland says it is C4 (American Standard Pitch Notation), Another accepted "standard" is c' (Helmholtz Pitch Notation, used by for example LilyPond)
But in ABC-music notation c' is a note two octaves higher than central C. :-)

Looking around on the internet I conclude that C4 is more commonly used than C3. So it's not correct to say that "C3" is the only correct name, or that "C4" is wrong. Most people will say the opposite, which also is not the complete truth. The truth is there is no truth. Which is a real PITA. :-(




try Google and find more ...

Jun 16, 2014
Middle C ia C3
by: Anonymous

All pianists will usually tell you that the middle C is C4 which is not correct. When playing C4 on a standard 88 keys piano the note we would be hearing is C4 which is an octave above the middle C (C3). In Music Notation the middle C (C3) is exactly centred on the 6th line between the bass clef and the treble clef i.e. 5 lines above and 5 lines below the 6th line where the true middle C is situated (11 lines in total). So the middle C note sits immediately between the 2 clefs, in the middle of both.
About the physical position of the pianist, e.g. when talking about the middle C (I’ve heard quite a few silly things over the years): “It’s closest to the middle of your instrument, it’s closest to your belly button when sitting at the middle (as if size of the instrument has got anything to do with pitch) or it’s the tone, the C you can match with your voice.” These statements are totally irrelevant; a lot of pianists seem to confuse physical position and other rubbish, with pitch.
It’s always the same story: To pianists the middle C always appears to be C4 because of their position in relation to the instrument, which is ridiculous. The pitch of the true middle C is always C3 and is always the same on any instrument no matter what size or range of keys. Another example: it's the very first note on the recorder when all 8 holes are covered, again this is C3. It's all about pitch.

Dec 28, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi Jim
To anwser your question for a 61 note keyboard, your middle is the third C from the left hand side of your keyboard. The first note on the left hand side of the keyboard is C, so count that as one, then go up two more and you'll have it.

Middle C on a keyboard is generally the dividing point of where you would most likely play with your right and left hand.

Middle C on sheet music is on a line between the Treble staff and Bass staff.

Good luck and have fun playing.


Dec 19, 2009
Middle C on the Yamaha EZ-200
by: Jim

Following post transfered here by moderator. You shouldn't have started a new topic.

I received and answer as to where the middle c key is on the EZ-200 keyboard - the white key to the left of two black keys in the middle of the keyboard.

Well, the EZ-200 has two c keys at equal distances from the true middle (where the "Yamaha" logo is positioned) of the keyboard. I'm going to assume that the lower c is the middle c.

Please be more specific and exact with the next answer.

Dec 18, 2009
Middle C
by: Dick Rector

Hi Jim,

First of all you have to know that the C-key (any C-key) is the white one BEFORE two black ones.
The middle C(or CENTRAL C) therefore is the white one before two blacks in the MIDDLE of your keyboard or piano, you can't miss it.
A 61 key - keyboard has 5 OCTAVES, that is 5 times from C to C.
The most LEFT is a C-key and the highest is a C-key as well. A OCTAVE runs from C to B (C-D-E-F-G-A-B and than C again etc.) These are all WHITE keys!
The black keys, that is a HALF tone UP (and on sheetmusic they show that with a # sign) are called CIS-DIS-FIS-GIS-AIS.

Hey Jim amigo, nice to have you here on the forum and don't hesitate if you have questions, always somebody out there who knows an answer.

Have great fun with your new keyboard. Soon you will spend more time 'investigating' the tons of possibilities than on anything else.

Dick Rector
Bali (Indonesia)

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