When I play the speakers make this loud vibrating noise..

by Cassie
(USA Florida)

I have the DGX-630 YPG-635 Keyboard and when I play not even at Max volume it makes this annoying vibrating noise from the left speaker. Is there any good amp for this keyboard or any other solution besides using headphones?

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Jan 09, 2017
P115 Rattler
by: Cory O

I just bought a new P115 and it rattled pretty bad at the right side (speaker?) when playing mostly an upper register F and G. The dealer replaced it with another new in box P115, and now this one rattles at the left speaker when playing E4. I think we have a quality control issue at Yamaha. I have tried different rooms and surfaces.

Jun 12, 2011
seems a reoccuring problem with this piano
by: GertB

Mine has the same problem, the middle G cause a rattling sound in the speakers. Even when I connect directly to an external amplifier. I searched the internet and seems that nore have this problem mostly with the middle G or G#. I haven't found a solution yet. I don't thing using another kind of cable will do much good. What's the experience with contacting yamaha directly?

Feb 07, 2011
The vibrating noise is inevitable
by: Steve

To Conor:
Not knowing what cables you are using but, you have to make sure to use a 1/4" TRS,(tip-ring-sleeve), plug for connecting into the keyboard's headphone jack. It is a stereo output and using a TS, (tip-sleeve), plug usually can and will cause problems with the sound. The easiest method I have found is using this cable from Hosa:
This cable can be used for send/return, on a signal processor, but better than that, it can also be used as a stereo to two mono's. You would plug the single end, TRS, into the keyboard's headphone jack. The other two ends are now left and right mono. You use the gray one marked tip for left, and orange one marked ring for right. Believe me when I tell you it took a lot of research and time to find this cable. Finally!! Saves a lot of headaches. As I mentioned before, I don't know your setup, but most people try to use a TS cable, and run into the same problems you're having. I run this cable into a Zoom R16 multi-track digital recorder, mixer, etc... Adjust all my peaks on the mixer, with the volume on the keyboard,(YPG 635), at 2:00. Have absolutely no distortion, and every sound, including all pianos, are rich with lows and hi.
Hope this helps out.

Jan 24, 2011
The vibrating noise is inevitable
by: Conor

I've hooked up my keyboard from the headphones output to a mixer to a speaker. Sounds great with every sound except the grand piano and the four other piano variations. Have tried every other effect and not a bother but with the piano effects(which is the reason i bought such a big keyboard) there is a buzzing. I though it was just the built in speakers rattling at first. then i thought it was an old sound system i was using. but its actually the keyboard that just cant handle itself. when i play several notes hard it just peaks no matter how low i have the volumes on all of my equipment. any solutions or is it just a failure in the keyboard which i fear it is?

Aug 12, 2010
Vibrating Left Speaker Yamaha DGX-630 YPG-635
by: Alfred

Dear Cassie: If the Headphone feed behaves normally, it is likely you need to change the Left Speaker. Depending on how much you value your unit, the replacement should be done by a qualified professional. As to "a good Amp.", if you have a home stereo system, you can pipe the sound from the Headphone socket through a patch cord which has a stereo Plug at that point, and appropriate Plug(s) for the Input terminals of your stereo system. I hope this info is of help. Come back if you need clarification. Thanks for the visit.

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