What keyboard should I buy

by Jennifer
(Bakersfield, CA)

I want to learn to play the keyboard and I want to be able to record my own songs. What keyboard should I buy?

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Dec 05, 2010
what to buy
by: Dick Rector

Hi Jennifer,

What to get for a beginner!!
Difficult to answer.
First in short, a keyboard (any keyboard) has nothing to do with a computer as Apple, Mac or PC. It has it's own 'operating' system so to
speak and that is not exactly the same as a computer. So whatever keyboard or digital piano you are interested in is fine for studying and playing .
Compatibility comes only in question when you are planning to connect keyboard and computer together when you want to 'edit, compose, make
your own styles or voices' and so on. But in that case you only have to install the correct DRIVERS and you need 'sequencer' software to be installed. Having said this last bit: If you don't know much about keyboards yet, you might as well forget this for the time being and just have fun playing.

All depending on budget of course but If you don't go for the cheapest models you are able to record and playback the 'performance' on the
keyboard itself. Sounds much better by the way than any soundcard on a computer can produce! I have nothing to do with any factory but obvious
I am a Yamaha fan and they do have the largest choice in keyboards and digital piano’s.
If you want to compare models and their possibilities you can go to:
and download the manuals.
Find a good dealer and have the various models demonstrated, that is the best advice I can give. Again, depending on budget, you get what you pay for.

The CVP is a large arranger keyboard/piano with the full 88 keys with key-action. It has good piano-sounds and can do most as, for example a PSR S910 (one of the high-end keyboard models with 61 keys) can do but is not very portable.

The CLP is a digital piano and NOT an arranger keyboard, it has no styles and no accompaniment. It has also less voices but does have all the midi voices build in to play midi-songs but they can NOT be played from the keyboard itself. It is cheaper than the CVP.

The PSR E223 is a very basic keyboard with little possibilities. The keys are NOT touch-sensitive and you can not load external files.

PSR E413 and PSR 423 are very good starter keyboards and as the 423 is a ‘basic’ arranger keyboard you can load and ‘tweak’ external styles etc. and record your own songs.

Happy keyboard 'hunting'.


Feb 25, 2011
My Yamaha PSRE413
by: Betty

Thank you for your input. I received my PSRE223 two Christmases ago and it is a great relearning piano but the display was small

I recently bought my PSRE413 which I do not understand all the things it will do once I learn how to do them correctly. But I LOVE IT and most importantly I can read the display.

These all great pianos for any age. I am giving my PSRE223 to my great grandchildren to help them enjoy and learn my love of music.

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