What is the lubricant used in Yamaha Motif keyboard?

by vince
(thousand oaks, california)

I have two keys that are sticking down on my Motif 8. I removed them and found a white gooey lubricant at each end of the key, which I cleaned off. Now the keys are loose and rattling around, so I think that the lubricant needs to be there. Does anyone know what it is or have any advice for me? In addition to the keys being overly loose and clacking, they STILL stick, so I am at a loss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 14, 2014
White Lithium Grease
by: Anonymous


I've restored several old keyboards, and bought a small tube of White Lithium Grease at the hardware store for just a few dollars. It's pretty much the same thing you see on the original lubrication.

I applied it with a Q-tip, and made sure to thoroughly coat the guide post and the inside of the key, without leaving too much extra behind to gather dust and dirt.

Good luck!

Aug 19, 2010
Lubricant for keyboard
by: Alfred

Dear Vince: From personal notes, the info I have is that Yamaha uses the following lubes.........
VD456002 "Key Grease" 50 Grams - $61.32
(used on the hammer and pivot point of the key)

TX920270 - "Silicon Grease" 100 grams - $81.32
(used on the rubber key guide in the front of the key)

I'm not sure they apply, and as you can see, thehy are ridiculously expensive. If there is some "spill over" of the gooey lubricant on the other keys, you just might be able to accumulate a sufficient amount by scraping it off and applying it to the ailing key. Wish I could be more helpful. Maybe some other member can come up with a better suggestion. Good luck, and thanks for the visit.

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