Type Keyboard for a seven year old - Your recommendation for a Beginner but one that she can use for years.

I want to start my 7 (seven) year old granddaughter on piano and not sure what type keyboard to get her. They all have so many things included and not sure which ones she will need. I do not want to get one that is expensive and there are some very reasonable ones, but again don't know what they are talking about in the description. I want it to plug in, not run on batteries!

I have to also find a piano teacher and how do I go about doing that?
Appreciate your help, Thank you.
Patricia Moore

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Sep 11, 2009
Check out the Yamaha PSR-E223
by: Gary

Here is the link for the Yamaha PSR-E223 at GuitarCenter.com. Copy it and paste into your web browser address bar.


It's $100, has 61 keys and an awesome acoustic piano sound. It also has all the general midi instruments, about 127 all together. Later on, if she sticks with it, you can hook it up to a computer via a midi cable and use sequencing software to play a complete arrangement for your granddaughter to play along with.

Nov 18, 2009
Keyboard purchase
by: Patti

A beginner's keyboard should have at leat 61 keys (white and black included)and be touch sensitive. If it doesnt come with a bench you should purchase it seperatly for correct posture. Most have a built in music stand. Make sure the keys are full size and comparable to a piano. Just because she has small hands doesn't mean smaller keys are good.

Your point about wanting to use it for many years is good. However, as she progresses she will outgrow almost any keyboard. The average student can stay on a 61 key keyboard for about 3 years. at that point you may want to look into used pianos. I will get back to you on selecting a good piano teacher. There are several questions to ask to be sure her teacher is the right fit.

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