Troubleshooting - YPT-300 Yamaha Keyboard

We have a YPT-300 Yamaha Keyboard. It is about 3 years old. Recently its been acting up. Sometimes all the A's don't play or it will play 2 notes on one key. I've vacuumed the keyboard. Are there any other suggestion? Is this normal for electronic keyboards?

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Sep 05, 2009
Troubleshooting Keyboards
by: Alfred

I am no expert, but for those of you who are QUALIFIED to open up a keyboard and access the Rubber Underlay Pad (under the keys),you will see that the pad consists of a Matrix with Nipples/ Cones. If the SURFACES OF THE NIPPLES (contact points)are uneven or worn, there is a product for resurfacing them at

If you believe this product is what you seek and you try it out, please do the favor of posting a comment on this Forum. It will help other participnts who have the same problem. Thank you.

May 12, 2009
ypt 300 key trouble
by: bob

i have noted the the ypt300 has a systemic problem that many owners complain about. that is the keys at some point in time either stick,dampen,or express excessive volume when pressed. in the case of my ypt300 i have traced the problem to the rubber strips below the actual key levers. this rubber boot contains two conductive pointers,set to differnt hights. this is so the circutry can determine the speed of stroke. when the rubber boots lose conductivity or crack, the render the keyboard useless.
question is how and where can they be purchased.

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