Transfering my user songs to PC

by Pellaman

How do I transfer my user songs from PSR e413 to my pc as mp3 files? Please help, thanks.

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Dec 02, 2009
transfer songs
by: Dick Rector

Hello Pellaman,

Download for free a program called 'AUDACITY' the onscreen help is easy to understand.
Make a connection between your keyboards's HEADPHONE OUT (or LINE OUT if you have it) to computer soundcard LINE IN.
Usually that is a big jackplug to a small jackplug available in computer- and musicstores. Even larger shops like Tesco do have them.
Keep the default setting in AUDACITY and press RECORD that shows you 2 channels (stereo) to receive signal.
Start playback (or play live!)your song on the keyboard.
In the beginning you have to 'fiddle' a bit with the volume-settings to keep the signal in AUDACITY more or less between the upper and lower lines.
When finished, save the recorded song as MP3 (or another available format) and the job is done.
You can burn your saved song to a CD or other device as usual.

Give some feedback please if this is working for you so others can benefit from it.

Regards and good luck
Bali (Indonesia)

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