Transfering music from Yamaha Clavinova CVP 301 to USB

by Mabel

I have a Clavinova CVP 301 and I am having problem to transfer my music to the USB and then computer. The sound is not the same specially regarding to the song style

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Jan 04, 2022
How did you connect USB flash drive to CVP-301
by: Maksym

Hello! Have the same model for many years, and now I need to save (record) *.wav to USB flash for convenience and can't figure out, how to do it. There is no accessories for this model (for USB-TO-DEVICE interface) in shops. I can find only SM cards and SM-USB adapter, but it is for MIDI (and styles etc) only, not for *.WAV

How did you doing your records on the USB flash drive?

Nov 09, 2009
Yamaha CVP 301 Sound Reproduction
by: Alfred

Dear Mabel: You are indeed lucky to hear from Dick Rector. He's one of the better-informed and active contributors in this Forum. Watch for and learn from his posts, he's likely to be answering other questions regarding the CVP 301. Continue to enjoy your CVP!

Nov 08, 2009
Keyboard vs soundcard
by: Dick Rector

Hello Mabel,

If I understand your question or problem well....
The sound on your computer is not the same as from your keyboard?

No, the standard sound-card in your computer, unless it is a very special one, can't simply produce the same quality of sound as your keyboard. On top of that, unless your computer is hooked up to a good sound-system, it sounds 'thin' from the tiny speakers. No 'depth' and hardly any low sounds.
When you listen trough a good pair of headphones you will be amazed how much better the sound is and when you burn your music to a CD and play it on a decent stereo-set it will sound as good (or even better) as the keyboard!
The complete 'musical' info however is indeed on your USB-stick, so don't worry about the sound from your computer.

I hope this answers your question.

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