Technics PR100

I have many floppy disc recordings from a PR100 and would like to locate software to convert these to standard computer language so I can play and save. Any ideas?

Would love to hear from you.

Please contact me on

Many thanks,

Pat Davison

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Nov 01, 2012
Technics pr100 music cds
by: robertg

The pr100 does save midi files onto the floppy drive, however the drive itself is non-standard, so the disks become unreadable on a standard floppy drive.

The easiest way to convert is to play the music on the PR100, which will (I think by default) send the midi signal to the midi-out, which can be hooked into a midi-in on a PC for recording.

One problem with the pr100's midi format, is the instrument mapping was consistent with current midi (what number associated to what instrument wasn't the same) so some instruments may need changing.

Jan 03, 2010
Midi transfer
by: Dick Rector

Hi Pat,

I am not so sure what you are looking for. If the recordings are made in GM (General Midi) you should be able to play the music on any keybord. The sound however can be a bit different from the original instrument.
Midi IS a sort of computerlanguage.


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