technics organ

by josh

i have a technics digital organ model company went out of business and i have a problem with the audio on it.the problem is that the sound is distorted on the main keys,but,works fine on head phones.if you have any suggestions or help i would appreciate it.thank you

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Aug 08, 2014
One fix for a similar problem
by: Mike

I had this problem and it turned out to be caused by two diodes which were supposed to be back to back to stop high voltage transients from passing through. The previous owner had had the same problem and fixed it by replacing transistors but the problem came back again. I replaced the faulty transistor which had been ruined by the high voltage spikes and turned the diode the right way round. Have had no problems since and that was a couple of years ago.

Aug 08, 2014
Tech Down Under
by: Al Fergusson

Disconnect power. Remove the ASUB plug-in card from the Power Supply/Amplifier board.It stands verticaly in front of the Larger of the two heatsinks. Inspect carefully and resolder any joints which have discoloured due to HOT components. Replace any transistors which have obviously been running hot. Resolder Voltage regulators on the PS/Amp board also.

If only Bass sounds are distorted and have a Rattle, inspect the woofers for damaged cones.

Nov 17, 2011
Distortion but not in the headphones.
by: Anonymous

Probably the fault is in the main amplifier board. The headphone output comes before the main amplifier board and obviously the sound is OK when it gets that far. Don't take the amplifier board out and switch the organ on with it out of the keyboard or you will do more damage. I had the same problem and fixed it by replacing one of the transistors which was not working properly. Cost about ten cents after many hours of searching to find which one.

Dec 02, 2009
distorted sound
by: Dick Rector

Hi Josh,

I am not at all familiar with your keyboard but if the sound is fine when using headphones I strongly believe the problem is in the speakers.
If you can, as a second test, connect your keyboard to an amplifier (home stereo will do if it has an AUX or LINE IN) meaning keyboard HEADPHONE OUT to AUX or LINE IN amplifier.
SET VOLUMES to ZERO and power up keyboard FIRST.
If the sound is normal, the problem is in the speakers.
If not however, you got a more serious problem. In both cases you need a prof technician to repair.

Good luck and please give some feedback to this forum so we all can learn something.

Bali (Indonesia)

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