Technics Digital Pianos

Technics digital pianos are great acoustic piano alternatives. Today, many piano players are capitalizing on the many advantages of digital pianos, such as portability, no need for tuning, low maintenance costs, low prices and so on.

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What makes Technics pianos really stand out is their Natural Response Action. This gives you the feeling of playing on a concert grand where the key touch is heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes. This is very important in a digital piano and I wouldn't buy one which didn't have that feature.

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These digital pianos are well respected for their consistency in quality. They come with PCM-quality sound (Pulse Code Modulation) and D/A (Dynamic Acoustic) technology, ensuring that the entire line of Technics pianos has a superior tone. Every digital piano comes with the same high quality "natural response action". When it comes to reliability, Technics pianos are built to last a lifetime. The value and satisfaction that you receive is awesome.

The best ones on the market provide you with outstanding features like 88 note graded action, disk drive, hundreds of voices with dual and split functions, reverb, digital and piano ambience effects, GM and organ banks, metronome, sequencers and at least 64 note polyphony. Some come with important features like MIDI In/Out, aux in, headphone socket, transposition, demo tunes, adjustable key touch and so on.

Technics pianos include the Technics sx-PX665, Technics sx-PX664, Technics sx-PX-663, Technics sx-PC25, Technics sx-PC26 and Technics sx-P50.

No longer is buying a grand piano compulsory. You can get all the important features of an acoustic piano plus additional features for a fraction of the cost. You don't need to spend a fortune anymore. A digital Technics piano will do the trick. 

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