Taking Apart My Yamaha CLP360

Hello All.

Does anybody know if it is feasible to take apart my CLP360 and remove all the gubbins that I don't need to keep it purely as a midi controller?

I guess by feasible I mean not requiring too many alterations to how it is powered. Or if an alteration is required then for this not to be too complicated. I would not be put off if an entirely new 9 or 12v etc PSU was required and this was not too complicated to install, I am comfortable with soldering and sourcing electronic components.

Apologies if this question proves impossible to answer and fair enough if the resounding response is contact a qualified engineer. Nevertheless, if there are any resources I could be pointed in the direction of, as at first sight I am not coming across much, then that would be much appreciated.

All the best

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Dec 14, 2022
Taking Apart My Yamaha CLP360
by: Anonymous

It is possible to modify your Yamaha CLP360 keyboard to be used solely as a MIDI controller, but it may require significant modifications and expertise to do so safely and effectively.

Removing the internal components of the keyboard, such as the speakers and sound engine, will likely require disassembling the keyboard and potentially making changes to the power supply and wiring. This can be a complex and delicate process, and it is recommended to consult a qualified engineer or technician with experience in electronic repairs and modifications.

There may also be additional challenges in using the keyboard as a MIDI controller, such as configuring the MIDI settings and compatibility with external devices. It is recommended to carefully research and plan the modifications before attempting them, and to seek professional guidance if needed.

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