Sustain pedal wiring

by Guy Williams
(Tavistock, Devon, England)

Hi, I am trying to repair a CLP-411, the sustain pedal wiring got ripped out from under the pedals and I don't know which colour wire goes where. I want to be certain I am connecting the wires correctly!

There is a plug and lead that is connected under the piano leading down to the sustain pedals, the final connection to the pedals is very badly designed and prone to damage in my opinion so I will be modifying it.

If someone has a 411 or 511 would they mind having a look underneath the pedals to find out the order of colours and let me know?

There are 6 wires and the pins underneath start with number 1 being on the left working on to 6 on the right.

Wire colours:


Many thanks

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Oct 25, 2015
thank you sooo much for your help with color numbering
by: suzahnnaAnonymous

how do you take out broken off pieces from the jack without damaging it so wires could be reinstalled

Feb 26, 2015
need Pedal cable
by: Anonymous

I need a replacement pedal cable for a CLP-411 that is in a nursing home. I tried to look it up on Yahama;s parts website, but the site says "No such model exists." I looked on amazon, ebay, eyc, but to no avail. Any ideas?

Feb 05, 2014
wiring on sustain pedal clp411
by: Anonymous

Hey they are actually numbered!! Had a real close look and you can see the rows. So they are numbered as mentioned before as 1 - red, 2 - Yellow 3 - green 4 - Blue - 5 White 6 black (on the bottom straight connection.
This corresponds with the 2 rows going into the keyboard as follows:
Top left (with the tag facing downwards) Red (1) - Yellow (2) - green (3)
Bottom left: Blue (4) - White (5) - Black (6)
Took me a year to work this out so though I should share it!!!

Feb 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem but my plug to the keyboard has six slots, but they are stacked in two rows of three columns each. Any color guides for this?


Jul 02, 2011
her eyou go
by: Anonymous

From left to right when looking at the front of the piano red yellow green blue black white. the connector that goes to the piano is 1- red 2- yellow 3- green 4-blue 5-white 6-black

Mar 15, 2011
did you get an answer?
by: Anonymous

Same thing happened to me. Did you find a wiring config?


Jul 29, 2010
Yamaha CLP 411 Pedal Wiring
by: Alfred

Dear Guy: You probably know the unit in question was released by Yamaha in 1996.
In an effort to be helpful, I made a fairly quick but deep sweep of the Internet to no avail. You might get lucky and have a response by some other kind Forum member who owns a 411/511. In the meantime, the thought has occurred to me that you might use your charm" and befriend a technician/individual at the address I cite below. It may be ?uncomfortable? to say what you are doing, and perhaps honesty would be the best policy here?
The following is the address of an authorized Yamaha technical service organization, and as I said ?you might get lucky?. I sincerely hope so..............

Puretech Solutions, UK ? (Yamaha-approved Tech. Svce).

When making contact, have Model and Serial number at hand. Good luck and thank you for visiting this Forum.

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