Sustain pedal issue

by Dave
(Huddersfield West Yorkshire England)

I have just bought the DGX660 after upgrading from a Yamaha EZ220.

Before on my EZ220 when I pressed the sustain pedal the note and chord lasted for as long as I kept pedal depressed. On my DGX660 when I press the sustain pedal the notes die away.
I can not seem to remedy this problem.
Can none help?

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Oct 21, 2017
sustain pedal
by: Terry Turner

As I from England and now live in USA have got a Yamaha dealer in USA. As U only purchased the keyboard recently call the Yamaha Tech service listed in rear of "MANUAL" and they can tell u exactly what to do to get it correct. There is also a place listed in manual where it explain about the sustain pedal. OR you can try to reboot the keyboard with a key depressed "as listed in Manual" and it should clear it back to the factory specs.

Oct 21, 2017
sustain pedal issue
by: Anonymous

reverse the polarity. Se if there's a switch on the back or underside of the pedal.

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