stuck key - Yamaha MOTIF

by keith

my B key below middle c is sticking. How do I fix this?

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Sep 14, 2013
motif 8 ok but sticky keys
by: mike

my name is mike am a keyboard and bass player

i have a motif 08 synth in good working
but i spelled some guiter oil
and my plastic key are swelling becuse of the sun
near a window . no need for synth repiar
just some cleanup here and there ?

what should i do ?

Feb 06, 2010
How to repair a stuck key
by: Anonymous

I had some major damage done to my Motif ES due to my child taking a screwdriver to the piano keys. I fixed it myself but it was a real pain. And in an effort to swap out the keys, I ended up damaging the velocity contacts under some of the keys and had to buy a new circuit board for one half of my keyboard.

The keyboard consists of two circuit boards; one for the left side and one for the right side. Each one has a delicate set of thin phalange (finger-like) velocity contacts. If they get bent you may be able to bend them back into shape if you are REALLY careful, but you may also risk having to order another circuit board from Yamaha. This repair can only be done if you have time, patience, and ample space that is free of interference from anyone else.

Jan 13, 2010
Yamaha Motif Stuck Key
by: Alfred

Dear Keith: The problem could be dirt accumulation, or a small obstruction around the key. Try blowing compressed air (can type) around the perimeter ot the offending key while pressing/releasing it. Follow by a GENTLE AND
VERY MODERATE APPLICATION OF TALCUM POWDER with a dry small water paint brush around the perimeter.
Hope this helps. Whyatever you do, DO NOT OPEN THE UNIT. Return to this Forum if further help is needed. Good luck.

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