Sticky Keys on my Yamaha Clavinova 955

by Lois
(Lithia, Florida)

I have a beautiful Clavinova 955 that has played wonderfully, except for three sticky keys that have been interfering with our playing for several years now.

I have finally done a bit of research, and discovered that the issue with sticky keys has been known to the company for a decade. I have been told that, in years past, Yamaha has provided replacement keyboard assemblies to address this, but (sadly) we were never aware of this at the time, and (apparently) missed our opportunity to take advantage of the offer.

From what I understand, simply replacing the sticky keys will not really address the issue, since the problem will continue to occur. So, the only real 'fix' is to replace the complete keyboard assembly...a very expensive undertaking.

Anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you!

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