Simple way for an amateur player to record his keyboard playing on Yamaha Yaris Floppy disc

by Johnny B
(Greenford Middlesex UK)

Hi Alfred,

After helping me earlier on this year Re-Power adaptor which was extremely helpful I have another problem for you.
Can you guide me as to the easiest way of recording my playing of this keyboard onto its floppy disc.

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Mar 31, 2010
by: Dick Rector

Hello Johhny,

I would like to be at any help but what is a Yaris?? I only know that as a car-model by Toyota. Have I missed something?
I have been on Yamaha's website to look for a manual but it doesn't recognize the name.

If you like to know how to record songs from a keyboard to your computer and safe them on a floppy - harddisk - cd - usb-stick or whatever medium, send me your mailaddress and I will send you step by step instructions. EASY it is!

Thanks for coming back to this forum.

Mar 30, 2010
Yaris Floppy Disc
by: Alfred

Dear Johnny: To be honest,I cannot recall the help I suggested, bu I do appreciate the recognition acknowledged. I personally do not have a clue as to what the answer may bv to your current question, but a good friend of ours, Dick Rector probably knows what to do. If not, maybe some other Forum member will come to your rescue.
The important thing is that you are coming back to the Forum for more info. We encourage members to feel welcome, and hopefully someone will share his/her knowledge with us. I'll be watching developments. In the meantime keep well.

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