Sheet Music Stand - Yamaha YPP 55

by Jennifer
(Des Moines, IA)

I bought a used Yamaha YPP 55 for my son. It is a great keyboard. The one thing it is missing is the sheet music stand that sets into the top of the keyboard. I would love to get that as it sits at the right distance from his eyes. We have tried a book holder (can't turn the pages easily), and an actual music stand set up behind the keyboard (too far to see well and turn the pages easily). Where can I get one of these stands?


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Jul 18, 2011
I know where you can buy the music rest
by: Marian


I'm in the same boat, needing a music rest for my same piano. You can buy it on Yamaha's website for $63+ dollars, which is expensive, but that's where you can get it. Give Yamaha a call and they'll tell you how to order and the model number.

Aug 13, 2010
Sheet Music Stand YPP 55
by: Alfred

Dear Jennifer: The YPP 55 was released by Yamaha in 1992, and I seriously doubt you will be able to find the Sheet Music Stand available as a separate piece. One off-the-cuff suggestion is to make one. (If you are not handy, have one made at your local carpenter shop). You should first study how the original stand was fixed onto the unit. (Screwed, glued or slot-fitted) and it should slant slightly once installed. have the new stand “manufactured” accordingly. It should be made of three-ply wood, sized to suit the height of a Music Sheet; and the width of an opened Music Sheet. A narrow strip should run along the entire width of the bottom edge and a “ledge” about 1/4” square should be glued to the front of the strip to keep the sheets from slipping off forward. Have the new stand stained and varnished to look like an original. What a heck of a way to answer your post! Wish I had a better idea. Keep well.

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