Sheet Music holder for Yamaha PSR-2

by Bob
(San Diego, CA)

I am looking for a sheet music holder that attaches to the Yamaha PSR-2 keyboard.

Any ideas?

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Jun 04, 2018
Sheet music stand for PSR 175
by: Anonymous

I also am looking for a sheet music stand for the PSR 175. Has anyone found one? Tried putting thin ruler into the slots but they still were too thick.

Jan 05, 2013
Great Idea....!!
by: Anonymous

Thanks Guys,

I've been looking all over for a replacement Music rest holder for my Yamaha PSR-175 Keyboard.

Again Great Idea...Thanks Guy:-) Jimmy

Mar 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Try using a cookbook holder!!

May 01, 2010
PSR 2 Sheet music Holder
by: Alfred

Dear Bob: If (originally) the unit has a) Holes, or b) Slots, into which the stand was inserted and supported, AND IF YOU ARE HANDY, you can try to make a good DIY Stand.
For (a), use an iron rod 28 or 29 inches long, with a diameter which fits SNUGLY into the holder holes. There normally is another hole about 14 inches away). About 7 to 8 inches up from its ends, bend the rod at 90 degrees to make an upside down “U” to span the two holes, with two legs about 8 inches long to fit into the holes. Next, about 1” from the ends of the legs bend their ends 30 degrees in the same direction to produce a backward incline for the sheet music. As a final touch, for a sheet music rest, epoxy a 2 inch ledge to the front of the finished Stand at the point just above the two 30 degree bends. NOTE THAT THE SPECS ARE APPROXIMATE, but it gives you the general idea of what is done. The same “concept" can be used for (b). Use whatever suits your fancy (Aluminum, Plywood or Plastic), The two legs should fit snugly into the slots. The top of the “U” and the music rest ledge must be glued on, and the 30 degree bends at the ends of the legs must be pre-bent (steamed or heated) if of Plywood or Plastic. Hope this helps. Please post a follow-up message informing us of whatever action you may take. Thanks.

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