Repairs for a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-300

by Carolyn Kenny
(Creston, BC Canada)

I have one key on my Yamaha CLP-300 that is always extremely loud. The keyboard is basically unusable this way and I'm wondering if there is anyway I can repair it or have it repaired. Thanks.

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Dec 24, 2011
Yamaha Clavinova CLP-970
by: Angus

Comments for CLP-970 with loud and silent keys.

All you need is Phillips screwdriver and some alcohol,I used Rum.

As per these web sites unscrew everything until you can turn the keyboard over; the only electrical connection to undo is the control panel earth.
Unscrew the circuit board covering the contact strip. Wipe the contacts gently with a cloth dampened with alcohol until clean.
Dampen a cloth with water, clean again and finally wipe dry with a clean cloth, then reassemble.

As all my keys were noisy when released, I stuck 8mm of self adhesive draught excluder onto the steel floor.
On a 12 year old piano there will be a clear mark on the steel where it has been protected by the original felt.
Clean the steel then line the draught excluder foam up to the mark
Then when the keyboard is replaced the draught excluder will be inside the existing felt, towards the front of the piano.

Dec 05, 2010
contact pads??
by: Dick Rector

Hi Carolyn,

Guessing on a distance but I am afraid you have a broken or dirty contact underlay-pad.
The problem you describe is typical for it.
If you go to and look under PSR3000 you will find a good article with pictures about this. OK another model but the cosmetics of keyboards are mostly on the outside. At least you'll get an idea about the problem.
NOT a DIY repair-job unless you are skilled.


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