Repair of LCD display

by Steven Stauffer
(Springfield,MO. USA)

Display is unreadable and intermittent.

Is it the display drivers or the LCD panel itself?
Can I buy parts and repair it myself?

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Oct 23, 2019
DGX 630 Fading LCD Display NEW
by: Peter

Thanks to Alfred for information re- fixing fading LCD Screen.

Thinking the worst I scrolled through all the comments and found the answer.

I've owned the piano from new and never ever noticed the word 'CONTRAST' below the right hand edge of the music stand. Turned it slightly and Yes! it worked.....Many thanks.


Jan 18, 2016
DGX-520/530/620/630/640 (Part #3653)
by: Anonymous

Her is the web site where you can buy parts for LCD SCREEN Yamaha DGX

Jun 25, 2014
Yamaha DGX 520 keyboard
by: Bert

The background light on my keyboard is on & can be adjusted to light or darker blue with the contrast control but no writing is displayed. Can this be a power source problem?

Sep 15, 2012
by: Deb

Bought this not quite three yrs ago and the light on the display has gone. The display is there but seems like the background bulb has gone. My friend also bought the same after my recommendation and the display on that is totally gone. Think there is a problem with the display on this model yamaha. I took out an extended guarantee with rimmers music where I purchased it . They will take my piano away for three weeks and repair it but I have to pay £45 courier charge. Am sure is only the bulb on mine and as I had warranty is wrong I should have to pay. Anyone know where I can purchase a bulb am sure cud fit myself. Thanx

May 27, 2012
DGX-630 Display fault
by: Justin

I have the same problem with mine.
Over time part of the LCD display has become lighter and lighter.
Now only part of the display is visible.
The display its self is very obviously faulty.
Does anyone know who sells parts for these?
Im guessing Yamaha sell them but i cant find where.
Many thanks.

Nov 02, 2009
LCD Problem
by: Alfred

Dear "Anonymous": Your unit is obviously very new. Yamaha released it in 2008 and I am not familiar with it. Hopefully you have the OWNER'S MANUAL. Some Yamaha models have a control for adjusting (contrast of) the Display and you should check to see if anything is mentioned about such a control. If I'm correct, please post a follow-up message in this Forum so other members can learn from your case. Also, please remember to enter your name (not "Anonymous") if
in the future you want your problems to be properly noticed and answered by members who can help. Good luck.

Nov 02, 2009
DGX-630 LCD unreadable
by: Anonymous

I have just bought one of this instrument. I have a similar problem (dgx-630 LCD's images/words are feint and not seay to see. I don't what the problem is.

Sep 24, 2009
Intermittent Display
by: Alfred

Dear Stephen: One thing at a time. Some Displays are indeed difficult to read due to small size. 1) Changing the angle-of-sight might improve legibility. Either raise or lower your bench to
see if there is any improvement. Also, if the Display is back-lit, keep any external lighting away from the keyboard. 2) If back-lit, the Display's internal bulb may be burnt out. 3)
There may be a disconnected plug-and-jack lead to the Display.
As to DIY repairs, I've not yet tried fixing any such SERIOUS DEFECTS. It's probably far more complicated than you think, and depending on the age of your keyboard, the intrinsic value you place in it, and the cost of professional repair, you have to decide what to do. I can tell you this: Displays are generally replaced, not repaired, and the charges can be high. I wish I could be more encouraging. In any case, please post a comment as to what you decide so all of us can learn from your experience. Thank you.

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