Recording Problem - Yamaha MO6

by Kerry
(New Orleans, La)

Good evening. I'm an owner of a Yamaha Mo6 61-key workstation.

I record my instruments one at a time using the sequencer. I usually do 4-bar patterns. I always start with my drums and percussion tracks. I'll be on the number 45 - A-P sequences/tracks. I'll record the drums and percussion instruments on 45-A. Copy that sequence to all the other patterns I designate for certain segments of the song such as - Intro, Verses, changes, and so on. Later as I go to different patterns to record an instrument, I find that what I recorded on B-45 somehow copies itself to D-45. And other pattern farther down the recording process does the same thing. I wonder if other Mo6 owners have experienced this most frustrating issue?

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