Problems with stereo headphones and Yamaha CLP 340

by Jane
(Cuenca Ecuador)

I have a new Yamaha CLP 340 and have problems hearing through a Bose stereo headphone. I checked the settings in the book - they are correct. We also determined that we needed to use a jack/converter with this headphone, but still have no sound through the headphone. Any suggestions?

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Dec 23, 2012
by: Tone

Hi Yamaha, i own piano clp 340 and yesterday i got mine very special Urbanears headphones.
There is 3.5 mm jack and id does not fit to my clavinova.
I heard that i need some adapter?
Could you please be so kind and tell me which adapter would be the best for my headphones, please ?
The adapter should be stereo of course and working great.
Regards from Slovenia, Tone

Sep 23, 2010
by: Dick Rector

Hi Jane,

Congratulations on your new piano and welcome to this forum.
Although I'm not familiar with the model, re the headphones a few general points:
- Normally any pair of headphones should work and you don't have (and should not) set anything in the keyboard itself.
- Check your headphones on a home stereo or a TV or Ipod or anything like it, do they work normal?
- The converter-jackplug, are you sure it is a stereo one? (That is the round metal top - black (or other color) ring - metal - black ring longer metal shaft and than the plastic housing. It should look exactly the same (but bigger) as the plug on the headphones!
If it is by accident a MONO converter (only ONE black ring!) you headphones will not work because it will make a shortcut.
- Is the small jack inserted ferm into the bigger converter? A half connection can make the same shortcut!
- Try another pair of headphones if you can.
- MMMMmmmmmm you are using the Headphones Out and not footpedal in or anything like it????

If any of these suggestions are as they should be reset your piano. Hold down the highest 3 white keys while powering up the keyboard. Takes only a few seconds.
If none of these solve the problem it can be of course the jack-connection on the piano itself and you have to contact your dealer about it.

BTW Don't forget to take the converter-jack out and not only the headphones or you piano will not sound from it's speakers, a very common mistake.

That's all I can think of at the moment and hope it is a simple thing.
Come back to the forum please and let us know what it was so we all can learn something.

Dick Rector
Bali Indonesia

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