problem with the sound that comes out through the Aux out/phones on my psr 220

by shy


i was trying to connect a cable into the aux out jack into my computer in order to record my PSR 220 (not as a midi, but as an instrument with its built in sounds).

But the sound that came out was really bad. The volume was extremly low, didnt have all the sounds that comes from the built in organ speakers, and had a reverb on it.

Even when i plugged headphones to the same jack i was getting the same bad sound.

What can i do?

thanx alot

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Apr 17, 2010
PSR 220 Aux Out
by: Alfred

Dear Shy: In addition to Dick Rector’s very important questions and comments, the basic problem is, as you should know, a mismatch of Speaker impedances somewhere along the chain of hook-ups you have tried. When making your connections keep in mind the following: 1) The Headphone and the built-in keyboard speakers are usually matched or easy to match through the EQ feature (if available in your keyboard). 2) When used the headphone automatically cuts off the on board speakers. Also, you know you can make an external amplifier connection from the Headphone Jack. 3) Other considerations include the fact that if you are using the computer satellite speakers as the FINAL sound reproducers, the sound card of your computer is normally matched just for those speakers, and satellite speakers are not usually good high fidelity units. 4) I believe the low volume, reverb and lack of fidelity are definitely caused by mismatches in the chain. Hope all these points help you to succeed in your project.

Apr 14, 2010
aux out
by: Dick Rector

Hello Shy,

Not knowing your keyboard myself a few suggestions:
Does the aux out is a JACKPLUG connection?? I know line-out/aux only as rca-plugs (or tulipplugs as they are also known) but I can be wrong.
Or sometimes keyboards have DIN-plugs but that is usually the midi in/out. You sure you are using the correct outlet?
When you use the normal Headphones out and no other cables attached, do you have the same bad result?
Does you keyboard sound normal from the speakers when this connection is made to the computer?
Did you do a mild reset and eventually a Factory reset? (Careful, that deletes everything in USER-area's!!)
Is there another connection to your computer or other device at the same time that can give feedback or distorted sound?

Hope you find it soon let us know please.

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