Power Adaptors for Yamaha models purchased for use in USA

by Alfred
(Middle Village, NY)

Dear Forum Participants,

The following comments are offered as a general guide with reference to Power Adaptors for your keyboards:

a) I have done my best to offer guidance with respect to use of Power Adaptors.

b) It appears that Yamaha's "Territorial Sites" MAY have different code designations (and specs) for Adaptors they recommend - each conforming to the areas/countries they cover.

c) This being the case, please always check first with your country's "Territorial Site" before posting your questions.

d) My comments to date are really for the US "territorial Site" and may not always apply in your particular case.


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Sep 29, 2009
Power Adaptors
by: Alfred

Dear Forum Participants:

I am amazed by the number of countries which use 220 volts (AC) as their standard for electricity, as opposed to 120 volts (AC) which is used in the United States. This, even though I have lived in countries which use one or the other. I have now become aware that there are countries which use BOTH !! Fortunately they are a distinct minority.

Basically the two categories are 110 volts and 220 volts with slight differences which are of no consequence.

My earlier message becomes all the more important when you realize that each of Yamaha’s “Territorial Sites” will probably recommend compatible Adaptors suitable for the country in which you live, and that it’s possible the Adaptors will carry different codes than those I may have suggested heretofore.


Thank you.

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