portable keyboard vs portable piano

by cristina

The cheapest portable pianos are least twice the cost of an average keyboard. Why pay for this extra cost? What are the advantages of a portable piano to a keyboard?

Thanks so much.

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Nov 24, 2007
Advantage of digital pianos - weighted action.
by: Mantius


Thanks for posting your question here.

You said that the cheapest portable pianos are at least twice the cost of an average keyboard? As far as I know this cannot be correct. :-)

What is your definition of an average keyboard? Keyboards have a wide range of pries.

If you're in the market for a keyboard, perhaps you can state the specific keyboards you're talking about, then I can be of greater help.

With regards to your question on "the advantages of a portable piano to a keyboard", the main advantage is the fact that they come with Graded Hammer Action similar to that of an acoustic piano. In other words, on digital pianos, the keys are heavier in the lower registers of the keyboard and lighter in the higher registers just like a real acoustic piano. This is very important to piano players and keyboard players looking for a real piano feel. It's also an important feature for students and beginners who intend to move on to piano.

Some synthesizers and workstations also come with weighted keys/Graded Hammer Action. So this is not to say that only so-called digital pianos have this feature. 88 key weighted action synthesizers and workstations like the Kurzweil K2600XS can sell for as much as $4000. That's a pretty expensive "keyboard".

Again, please state some specific examples if possible.

All the best. Have a great day.

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