Portable Grand Yamaha DGX-500/300

by Kathia Porto
(Kingston, Jamaica)

I purchased this keyboard in Australia with a AC adaptor for 220 voltage. Now I am living in Jamaica which is 110. I also lost my AC adaptor when I moved to Jamaica. Which AC adaptor should I purchase ? Is this keyboard a bi-volt one? Where can I purchase a proper AC adaptor ? Thank you in advance.

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Oct 04, 2009
by: Alfred

Dear Kathia: I am only sure about Adaptors for 110 volt use, and not familiar with the bi-volt types. If you are planning to reside in Jamaica for an extended period of time, buy a Yamaha PA 150 Adaptor. Its OUTPUT is 10 VDC 1 AMP. Try buying one at a local Yamaha keyboard store.
Please post a follow-up message in this Forum if I can be of further assistance. Good luck.

Oct 04, 2009
by: Dick Rector

Hello Kathia,

Your powersupply should work in Jamaica as well as Australia. The powersupply's are in a voltage range from 100 to 250 volts like most laptop powersup's these day's.
Anyway if you lost it that doesn't help.
A Keyboard itself is NOT multi-voltage.
Look for a powersupply that gives you OUTPUT of 16 volt DC and at least 2.4 amps (better more amps!) but NOT LESS or it will get very hot and melts. Important is that the + is the MIDDLE pin and the - the mantle and of course the connection itself must have the correct size. If that is different, some handy person with a small soldering-iron and a steady hand can easily change that as it has only 2 wires.
You might be able to find a new powersup in a good computershop.
A Yamaha dealer has them of course also.(But far more expensive)

Hope this helps you, let us know.
Dick Rector
Bali (Indonesia)

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