Piano sound Yamaha NP30 vs DGX 230

by walrusbeat

Hi. I would like to know if the "piano sound" quality is similar in the NP30 and DGX 230.

According to their specification, both have AWM Stereo sampling with 32 poliphony.

Recently I tried the DGX 230. It sounds nice but also the review in YouTube of the NP30 does as well.

Thanks for your help!!

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May 09, 2010
comparing sounds
by: Dick Rector


Always a bit difficult to answer questions like this.
Listening to YuTube trough computerspeakers or headphones is totally nothing if you compare it and listen to the same trough a good soundsystem.
Simply because the average computer-soundcard can NOT reproduce the sound as it should be.

Also, exactly the same 'sampled' sounds of piano's or any other instrument can sound different on different digital instruments.
Another question is also, where is it where the instrument will be played.
Acoustics in that space can be of important influence.

Quite obvious a better (and more expensive) keyboard produces a better quality sound but having said that, my own experience, some voices can sound better on a lower-end keyboard.
It is a matter of personal taste and to really compare these things the best way is to go to a well stocked supplier and have them let you hear and show the differences.
And one advice is:
Take your time to compare and listen carefully and preferably while it is not busy in the shop.

Happy hunting

May 10, 2010
sound quality
by: walrusbeat

What you said it´s true. The NP30 in "computer speakers" sounded great.
Unfortunately they are only a few music shops in the city where I live, and do not
have both models (only DGX-230).

I bought (with some doubts) a DGX-220 (barely new). I´m waiting to play it.
I think I'll keep my doubt until I can play a NP30.
Thanks for your advise.

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