Piano MArvel MIdi connection problems and Lag

by julia
(Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom)

I have recently set up PIano Marvel on my Laptop and tried to connect it to my Yamaha CLP611 via MIDI USB converter mio.

THere is a terrible lag between the output sound of me playing the piano on the laptop and my playing which is registered by the Piano MArvel - There's a lag of almost 0.5 seconds.
I subscribed to PIano Marvel for my daughter to start learning and I play at grade 7 piano so can definitely keep in time. My daughter plays the exercises in time too but cannot get high scores or any positive feedback because of the lag.
I notice there is a function 13 MIDI, which says YES when I scroll through the display.
Is there anything I need to do? Have a missed something?

ANy help to solve this problem would be gratefully recieved. My daughter is about to give up totally on learning to play the piano...

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