Peavey Keyboard Amp Buying Guide

Let's takes a look at Peavey keyboard amps. There are a few good ones to choose from including the Peavey KB1, KB2, KB3, KB4, and KB5.

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The price goes higher as the model number goes up, and so does the power, channels, size of the speakers, and so on. So if you want the best that Peavey has to offer in this series of keyboard amps, you know that you're better off with a Peavey KB5 keyboard amp.

Peavey keyboard amp

At the end of the day it all depends on what you want to use the Peavey keyboard amp for. Is it for rehearsal? Is it for home use? Is it for live performances? Will it be used only as a monitor? If you do not need much power you're better off saving your money and buying a less expensive model. The KB1 sells for about $199.99; the KB2 sells for about $239.99. But the most powerful in the series, the KB5, sells for as much as $559.99.

I guess it depends on your budget as well. If you can't afford a higher end model you simply can't. Personally, I like to think long term so I never buy the cheapest in a series.

Seriously considering buying a Peavey Keyboard amp? Well Peavey is a good brand so you're starting off on the right foot. I will suggest that you check out a few customer reviews and decide what is best for you. Compare Peavey with other brands and decide whether it's worth it. But really, these are quality keyboard amplifiers.

Apart from your keyboard, you can connect, microphones, drum machines, guitars, and other instruments. You can also connect CD and DAT players. These amplfiers also come with a headphone out feature.

The cheaper models like the Peavey KB1 can be used for personal practice. If you do not need loud sound it's the way to go. Otherwise check out higher end models like the Peavey KB3, KB4 and KB5. 

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