Old Yamaha Clavinova CVP-87A

by Wilhelm


I'm having several problems with my CVP-87A (Yamaha Clavinova), and I wonder if anyone can tell me where I can find parts list, schematics and/or service manual for this Clavinova model.

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Sep 28, 2023
Looking for CVP 87 A piano parts
by: Eduardo

YAMAHA Piano CVP, 87A.

Circuit board: N°: VQ219500 (1).
IC: YMW265B-F N°: XK281B00 (2).
IC: ROM WAVE 16 M, XM995100 (1). IC: ROM WAVE 16 M, XM996100 (1).

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Sep 29, 2021
CVP-85A similar to CVP-87A no sound
by: Neil

Unfortunately there is no link on this page to the service manual that I too would like. The fault on my CVP-85A is that the panel lights come on but no sound from the speakers or headphones. The Speaker Protection Relay is not getting the coil voltage. I have tested the relay and it does work on the bench. The power amplifier module has Vcc and -Vcc and I can detect an audio signal on a digital volt meter set to VAC. Plugging in a CD player and applying a DC voltage to the coil to operated the relay will play music. I have changed all the capacitors on the PU board, but this did not cure the problem.

Can anyone suggest a fix?

May 04, 2020
Service Manual CVP 87a
by: Anonymous


I have read the article,

what date is it from?

is the request still current?

Service manual is available ....

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