North American Tyros 3 voltage problems when touring in Europe.

by Francis Ross
(Vancouver, Canada)

I have a North American Tyros 3 voltage problems. I plan to use it when touring in Europe. Can I use a step down voltage converter from 220 Volts/60Hz to 110Volts/50Hz? My Tyros 3 is 120Volts/60Hz. Can 50Hz damage the Tyros 3?

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Jul 01, 2009
Thanks for update Franco
by: Ram

Hi Franco!

Thanks for this update. Actually helps my investment in this Tyros 2 keyboard. When I go to India, I will now be buying a step down converter and happily using. It actually helps when someone who used it says.


Jun 30, 2009
Trial and error done!
by: Francis

Well friends,

First, thank you for publishing my question.

I have been in Romania for a few months and I can now confirm that my Tyros 3 (North American standard) is working just fine with a "Step Down" converter bought locally. I am currently using the following Well AC to AC Step Down Converter:

Model number: MW2P100-W
Input: AC 230V/50Hz
Output: AC 110V/100W

See the Romanian website:

I hope this helps others! Many thanks to the Yamaha-Keyboard-Guide Team! ;-)


Jun 22, 2009
Thanks for your comment - question again
by: Ram


Thanks for your comment on Hertz difference. Question again -

THe assumption you made that Tyros 3 uses DC is wrong! It works directly on AC power. But am sure, theres some internal circuit converting it to DC. So, theres no adaptor at all for Tyros 3. Thats frieghtening me to US in India / Europe. Will just a step down converter do?


Jun 21, 2009
Powering the keyboard
by: Anonymous

I'm not an expert but I doubt that the hertz difference is going to damage anything.Here is why:As far as I know your keyboard takes DC power,and not AC. The adaptor or transformer's job to take the 110V AC and make it whatever DC,and I don,t think it is that sensetive for hertz that it would fail to provide sufficient DC power. (there is a few rectifier diodes in there and some capacitors to smoothen DC )
I run my DGX-220 straight from a CAR BATTERY! Because it did not come with an adapter. Just looked at my MM6 and it does not say the required voltage and polarity near the plug on the back (unlike anything I've seen before)but That one came with an adaptor. Short answer: I bet it would work fine with the 10 hertz difference : )

Feb 12, 2009
I have the same doubt
by: Ram

I want to perform in India.. I wanted to switch down from 220/50 to 120/60 using a converter.. will it fry my tyros?

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