Noisy Yamaha CVP105 Key returns

by Larry Hart
(Dousman, WI)


When you release the keys on my clavinova, the return pad contact makes quite a bit of noise.

I've had it fixed once, a few years ago, as some expense, and I'm hoping to spare myself that expense again. How can I remove the cover/keyboard and replace the return felt?

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Jul 09, 2010
Noisy Yamaha CVP Keys
by: Alfred

Dear Larry: Just an after-thought. Check Ebay for service manuals. Good luck.

Jul 09, 2010
Response to Noisy Yamaha CVP 105 answer
by: Larry

Thanks for your comments Alfred.

I will look for the manual @ Yamaha, as the repair described cost several hundred dollars. I have no doubts about the felt replacement - it worked fine for a few years. Now I'd like to do it myself, hopefully just for the cost of a few buck worth of felt.

Jul 08, 2010
Noisy CVP Keys
by: Alfred

Dear Larry: a) IF mentioned, the method of opening the unit would be in its Service Manual. b) You express doubt as to the procedure for replacing the felt. c) We have no access to Service Manuals, and our Forum discussions rarely include descriptions of "invasive repair" work.
d) You would have to order a Service manual from Yamaha, and then order the part (felt) from them.
I have no idea what you spent to effect the previous repair, and even if you can find a Service Manual on say, Ebay, you would still have to order the felt.
Given the above, weigh the cost of a DIY job against what you may have to pay today to have your unit repaired. Maybe some other member has other suggestions. I mean well... not discouraging.
All the best.

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