Noise from releasing keys - Yamaha P-200

by Tomas Isacsson

My Yamaha P-200 has become noisy when releasing the key.

I wonder what I can do about it? Can I for instance buy and exchange the ...feltcloth? above the keys myself?

Kind regards

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May 04, 2008
Noise from P-200 keys
by: James A

Hey, T
I don't know when you posted this question, but if you are still reading with interest, I have tackled the same problem.

I did like the sound that the keys made, because my microphone would pick up the sound, while singing, being just 1 metre away.

So I opened up the P-200, and found the problem.

The sound is on the return as the keys fall back down upon release.
So, I bought some soft but firm felt from a fabric store. It might have been weather stripping from a hardware store even, can't remember, but either would do.

Then, I cut and tied them with thread on the steel bars that the keys fall on, drastically reducing the sound.

Now I can sing and play at the same time, and have no transient piano 'noise' sounds in the vocal track.

Took about an hour. Well worth the time.

Hope this helps.

James A

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