No sound coming out of the right speaker on Yamaha CLP 990

I have a Yamaha CLP-990 that I purchased in 2003. About two weeks ago, sound stopped coming out of the right speaker. When I plug in headphones, no sound comes through the right earpiece, either. When I put my ear up against the right speaker, I can hear faint white noise that sounds the same as the white noise coming out of the left speaker. I made sure the plug is connected tightly. I haven't taken anything apart, but instead, I am hoping you can shed some light on my problem. Thank you!

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May 08, 2012
right pedal not working
by: Hugh

Yamaha CLP-990 had piano moved from house to condo by movers now my right pedal is not working. It looks like a piece that hangs low under the piano is broken. Can you tell me the part name and if this is common to break when moving? Thanks

Jun 10, 2010
Yamaha CLP 990 Right Speaker
by: Alfred

Dear Jamie: Thank you for your prompt and clear reply. You do not say if "White Sound" is heard from the Right Speaker WHEN THE HEADPHONE IS PLUGGED IN. If white sound IS HEARD, there COULD BE an INTERNAL CIRCUIT problem, such as a break (bad solder or component failure) in the circuit leading to the right channel.
Your best course of action is to contact a qualified electronic piano/keyboard technician. If you wish, Yamaha has a site for locating the closest Local Repair Shop: vice/ServicerLocator/0,,VNM%3DLIVE,00.html

Have Model and Serial number at hand, and explain your problem. Charge(s)for any repair(s),should be well worth the investment, so that you can continue enjoying your unit.

Please do not hesitate to come back to us if you still have comments/questions (before or after you take any action). We will help as needed. Till then keep well.
Regards, Alfred

Jun 10, 2010
Right speaker on piano not working
by: Jamie

Dear Alfred,
Thank you for your response! My name is Jamie, from the United States.

The actual right speaker on the piano is not working, even when headphones are not plugged in. I can still hear the white static noise coming from the piano's right speaker, but no sound comes out.

When I plug in the headphones, the sound is redirected from the left speaker to the left side of the headphones, so that the sound does not come through the left speaker, but only through the left side of the headphones. With or without headphones, there is no sound coming from the piano's right speaker (without headphones) or from the headphone's right side (with headphones).

I was hoping that when I plugged in the headphones, both sides would have sound through the headphones, meaning it is a malfunction of the piano's right speaker. However, since the right side does not work in either case, I am afraid it is something more internal than just wiring around the right speaker, or the jack malfunction.

I usually do not use headphones, so my main concern is that the right speaker on the piano is not transmitting sound.

What do you think?

Jun 08, 2010
Dead Right Speaker Yamaha CLP 990
by: Alfred

Dear no name: You must have forgotten to ID yourself. Please be sure you give us your first name or an AKA. Also please indicate where you are (Country). Anonymous posts will not receive the attention deserved if these "niceties" are missing.
I have one question.Is the ?good? (left) speaker in the unit cut off automatically when the Headphone is used?

When only one side of the headphone works while automatically cutting off the same side speaker of the unit, it?s possible that the internal socket (Headphone Jack) is defective.

Normally there are three points which contact three divided, corresponding sections on the shaft of the stereo Headphone Plug. If one of the lateral points of the internal socket is bent or broken, the problem you have could surface.

I recommend you have a qualified keyboard tech. repair the Jack. It is a simple job and should not cost too much. Come back with your answer or any further questions now that you've found this Forum.

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